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I had a great email this week from Cheryl Hunt who is development director for Art with a Heart.  Her group provides amazing art experiences for inner city kids in Indianapolis.  Because I love what they do with limited resources, I invited her organization to have a complimentary  exhibitor’s booth at the Whale Hunting Women launch [photos here].  I did that because I wanted to showcase that women do big deals in all spheres of influence–not only in business but in community, education, sports, health care etc..  So now Cheryl  tells me that she met the leader of the Skyline Club at my event, and that meeting resulted in Skyline hosting a fantastic fundraising event for Art with a Heart.  How cool is that!

In Whale Hunting parlance, this is about launching a boat.  You put a team together to accomplish your big objective–in this case raising support for a worthy charity–and you look outside your organization as well as inside for the helpers that you need.

The most successful women business owners and women in business roles that I know are serious about supporting the nonprofit and educational endeavors in their communities and beyond.  Continued networking across the sectors enables  new connections, alliances, and opportunities for bigger deals.

We’d like to hear more stories about business/nonprofit alliances that make sense–do you have a story to share or an unusual alliance to highlight?