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I’ve joined the writing team at the Women on Business blog–will have a regular column each Sunday evening.  My current post is Three Soft Skills for Hard Deals.

Blog owner Susan Gunelius has enlisted a team of business women to blog about business from the perspectives of entrepreneurs and business owners, consultants, women executives, sales persons, leaders–covering everything from strategy and marketing to equality and work/home life.  I hope you’ll check it out–interesting and comprehensive.

The Women on Business Roundtable is a new service.  Submit your business question or dilemma; one will be chosen each week as a featured presentation, with the writing team and other participants offering advice and suggestions.  The first entry is from Hairzing, who posed a serious problem of unfair competition facing their company.  How can a small business handle that situation?  Perhaps the whale hunters readers can help!

Does your business have a blog?  Do you have one writer or several?  I would love to hear about your blogging strategy and how it’s working as a business driver.