Women in Business

Women in Business Poll Results

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In 2008 10.1 million companies were majority owned by women; they employed 13 million people–and average of less than 1 and 1/3 employees per company.

Nothing wrong with that, but I conducted a poll on the question “why do most women owned businesses remain small?”

I offered 5 choices:

1. lack of capital

2. fear of failure

3. fear of success

4. want to balance work and family

5. lack of business development knowledge

76% of respondents chalked it up to lack of knowledge; not a single one identified “lack of capital.”  The second-highest response was the family/work balance.


If you are a woman business owner, where do you go for advice?  If you are a business consultant/advisor, what do you make of these observations?

I would love to hear from you.