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Whale Hunting Women Videos

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Videos of the Whale Hunting Women presetations are online.  Here’s Indiana Lt. Governor Becky Skillman who talked about how important business women are to Indiana’s business climate.  One of her biggest whale hunts for Indiana was saving 5000 jobs at the Crane naval base.

Brooke Green related stories of her sales experiences and whale hunting journey and how she has grown in confidence by allowing herself to be scared.

I told the whale hunting story, about how the Inuit people hunted whales–engaging everyone in their village–and connected that to modern business with an emphasis on women.  The point is that women in business as well as education and community endeavors are natural whale hunters! Barbara Weaver Smith’s video.

Women (and men) who attended the seminar talked on camera about the program and how it related to business women and women owned business, and especially to small business.  It’s all about not being too comfortable!