Virtual Blog Tour as a Sales Strategy

By May 3, 2009December 29th, 2015No Comments

I’ve written several times lately about our ongoing research into social media marketing and sales strategies.  Most recently, two newsletters about important business development questions you should ask before you invest too much time or other resources into social media.

One of the questions I’m asking myself is whether social media play a role in whale hunting, or if these methods are going to yield small fish only.

So, as part of this exploration, I’m embarking tomorrow on a “virtual blog tour,” organized and managed by author and web publicist Nikki Leigh.  For two months, I will be visiting blogs, doing interviews on blog radio and pod casts, and interacting with blog writers and visitors.  This is a structured, deliberate process, planned and organized in advance–and in that regard exhibits qualities of whale hunting.

That’s the method.  The primary purpose is to introduce my new eBook, Whale Hunting Women: How Women Do Big Deals (volume I).  Secondary purposes are to inform women about the Whale Hunting Women Summit in Indianapolis on June 4, and to generate more online brand recognition for The Whale Hunters.

To that end, I’ve defined this campaign as a whale hunt.  The “whale” is not a specific client, but a level of brand recognition and interest that will attract new clients as well as increasing the value of The Whale Hunters services to existing clients.  And it will help prove the point if we sell books!

There’s no intent to exclude the men who are whale hunters!  Rather it’s taking advantage of the niche market of women in business and women business owners.  If this campaign is successful, our next one will focus on sales and sales management professionals.

We have several clients whose business is interactive marketing; they are supporting this project and watching with interest.  Other clients, in diverse industries, are interested in the outcomes of a time-framed and price-bound social media strategy.

I’ll keep you posted as I surf cyber space for 60 days!  As always, I will appreciate your comments and will read and respond to each.  What experiences are you having lately with social media–good or bad??