Training to Write Successful RFPs

By March 11, 2009December 29th, 2015No Comments

Just a reminder this evening that The Whale Hunters offer a one-day workshop on how to increase your odds of winning when you respond to an RFP.  We offer corporate RFP training for your internal team or teams, and we have open enrollment workshops for one or a few people from many different companies.  Locations vary.  Participants have been enthusiastic about the value of this day.

We see more and more clients struggling with the RFP process–not sure which ones to answer, not satisfied with their internal process, not confident about the predicted outcomes of all that work.  There will be more RFPs in your future, not fewer.

If you have an interest in RFP training, please let me know–we are scheduling future locations now.  I’d also like to know if you’d be interested in an RFP training course that’s delivered online and/or by webinar?

Let us hear from you, and thanks!

P.S.  Our new eBook, Winning Whales With an RFP, is available for sale and immediate download at The Whale Hunters bookstore.