Women in Business

The Women’s Millionaire Club Book Launch Today

Today is the launch of Maureen Mulvaney’s new book, The Women’s Millionaire Club.  It’s about twenty-one women who became millionaires through home-based businesses.  From these stories, the author extracts very useful how-to advice for other small business owners and entrepreneurs.  If you have a home-based business–or if, in this tough economy, you are thinking of starting a businesses, this book is for you!

Mulvaney herself is a study in self-made success.  She is a professional speaker and writer and a very gifted marketer.  I am learning a lot just by watching how this book campaign is unfolding!

Special offers for people who buy today–March 17, St. Paddy’s Day–55 download offers from other business people who are supporting this book launch.   Check it out!