The Whale Hunters Global Accounts Initiative

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The Whale Hunters has always focused on your company’s growth by means of bigger deals with bigger customers. And we’ve always emphasized that whales come in a wide variety of sizes, so when you start out whale hunting you don’t hunt the biggest ones first–you hunt the right size for you.

But these days we find our clients hunting much bigger whales that are much farther away. You are hunting Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 companies,  multi-billion dollar behemoths doing business around the globe.

Your deals are more complex, your challenges more complicated than they used to be. In fact, working with these companies is not about “the deal.” You can’t hunt these whales successfully using only the methods that brought you this far. Everyone on your team needs to be developing new skills, new experiences, new tools and especially new ideas in order to get and keep the attention of a global whale.

Here’s what we are doing to help.

  • A New Strategic Alliance

The Whale Hunters is partnering with Beyond Codes, Inc., a California company that provides demand generation, appointment-setting, and other key marketing services to companies  that are doing business with global whales. Beyond Codes has a strong international presence, doing business in Europe and Asia as well as the U.S. Aligning their experience and methodologies with The Whale Hunters’ model and tools strengthens the integrated marketing and sales services of each company. Here’s a recent video about their services.

  • A New Book

I am partnering with Gaurav Kumar, founder and CEO of Beyond Codes, to write a new book about whale hunting for global accounts, or “named accounts”–those for which a company has dedicated sales and relationship personnel. Kumar is an outstanding young professional with an awesome approach to global marketing and sales. We focus on the marketing and sales strategies of large, highly successful Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing companies with a global reach. Interviews with a number of key executives add currency and credibility to our own background and experiences. The book is for owners and C-level company leaders, including sales and marketing VPs, plus the sales and marketing teams who work with global accounts or who intend to do so. Watch for my announcement of a new page on our website where you  can contribute to the effort, tell us about the issues you would like us to cover, and  keep track of our progress.

  • A New Country

Together, Kumar and I will take Whale Hunting to India this year. We will introduce our new alliance and our new book to a large number of IT and BP executives and business owners who are located in India and do business around the world. These connections and experiences will deepen our understanding of our clients’ needs as well as help us develop new client relationships. More detail about our first trip is coming soon.

That’s what’s new for you at The Whale Hunters in the coming months. Please let us know about your global account experiences and ambitions! Post a comment below.