We are pleased to present a brand new whale hunting training program in concert with Laura Posey of Simple Success Plans.This new course is a complete how-to for identifying and locating your ideal large prospects, delivered on the web where it will always be available to you. Laura is developing a series of “simple” plans, and I will be contributing several based on Whale Hunting strategies and tools.

The Simple Whale Finder Plan

Find Prospects that are 10-20x Your Average Deal Size!

What would happen to your income, profits, morale and ability to invest in your business if you could get clients that are 10x your average deal size?

Imagine your average deal is $500. What would a $5000 sale do for you? Or better yet, what would a consistent string of $5000 deals do for you?

That is the idea behind The Simple Whale Finder Plan, by The Whale Hunters Founder and CEO, Barbara Weaver Smith.

Learn more about this program HERE.