The Whale Hunters Wisdom Series for team training draws from stories and metaphors of an Inuit whale hunt, which we believe to be ancient wisdom for modern business. Most important, the whale is always reborn after a hunt, just as we expect your clients to be rejuvenated after working with you!

Use these books singly or as a series with your sales team and marketing team, with subject matter experts who participate in sales activity and those who deliver your services and the customer services staff and trainers and the assemblers and product engineers and basically everyone who needs to understand their role in serving customers and making money for your company. Every chapter includes Reflection and Action exercises to complete with your team for lively discussion and active planning.

Mind of a Hunter reinforces the need for focus during a whale hunt. Each villager must know what each Inuit whale hunter knew: the whale is worth the trouble. No amount of distraction, fear, boredom, or nostalgia can be allowed to clutter the minds of the whale hunters eager to land an account that will move your company to the next level.

The Hunt introduces you to some of the unexpected ways a whale company can slip from the grasp of those small companies that are not able to hold the right tension on the harpoon line. Don’t let the whale slip away from you. Learn the ways of the whale, the wind, and the water.

Riding the Whale explains why companies behave the way they do in the middle of your sales process and what you can do about it. In this volume, we share experiences and reflect on what it is like to ride the whale to successful completion of the hunt.

Whale Hunting Culture demonstrates that the entire village must be ready to harvest the whale as soon as you beach it—meaning the contract is signed. This volume offers methods to ensure that you can encourage a fast-growth culture that can properly deliver your services to a whale account.