A Better Analogy for What’s Happening

Introducing Sputnik’s Grandchild, a new book by Ray Weaver,coming soon. 

The comparisons we’re using to understand the COVID-19 pandemic are inadequate, for example:

  • Great Recession of the late 2000s
  • 9/11 terror attacks
  • 1919 Spanish flu pandemic

This Time is Different!

  • Farther reaching than we’ve seen before
  • Surprising in many ways
  • Evolutionary according to predictable patterns

More like The 1957 Soviet Launch of Sputnik.

  •  Direct Impact: Cold war extends to space
  • Indirect Impact: Massive, decades-long American investment in science and technology
  • Indirect impact has been more important: vast, profound, non-obvious

Sputnik is our inspiration for understanding economic life after Covid-19

Sputnik’s Grandchild includes

  • Three powerful forces shaping business now
  • Three phases of business life during and after the pandemic
  • Five new megatrends creating massive business disruption and enormous opportunity
  • A systematic way for you to re-imagine and even reinvent your business and a guide to re-frame your strategy and align business development, marketing, sales and operations to claim your place in the new economic order that emerges from the chaos.

Sputnik's Grandchild

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