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Power of Social Media/Power of Women

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Maureen Mulvaney’s amazon.com bestseller campaign for The Women’s Millionaire Club was a complete success–she made the top-25 amazon sales list on March 17 and remains at #173 today–a remarkable feat which is at least 10,000-15,000th %ile higher than I’ve ever been with Whale Hunting!

MGM (Mulvanaey’s nickname) set out on a whale hunt.  Her target was to make her book an amazon best seller on its first sales day.  She didn’t go out alone–she launched a boat full of subject matter experts: publicists, bloggers, broadcasters, authors, consultants, and Twitterers.  She discounted the book’s price–almost in half–for that one day only. And she put together a “bonus” package of free gifts (mostly downloadable books, discounts etc.) from 55 people who supported her campaign!  Very strategic effort in all.

I enjoyed being part of this and watching how it worked.  A few pointers:

  • This book, written by a woman, about women’s business successes, attracted a predominantly female network of support (kudos to men who helped as well!).
  • MGM and her publicity team supported viral media with many personal contacts via telephone, email, blog visits, etc.  They were engaged and generous.
  • Value proposition was delivered for supporters–to date I have had 33 downloads of the book I offered [coming soon at The Whale Hunters] with names/email addresses for each.
  • MGM “celebrated the whale” — thank you notes delivered very promptly and warmly to all who helped.

Many of the business women authors, speakers, bloggers, trainers and consultants who engaged in this project are in fact competitors of one another.  Yet all recognized a greater power in collaboration than in competition–a decision that yielded rewards for all.

Do you collaborate with competitors?  Love to hear about it!