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New Sales Management Study Available for Limited Time

By September 27, 2010December 29th, 2015No Comments

Our team  discovered today a really fine piece of research that is relevant to companies that want to improve the outcomes of their sales efforts.  It’s all about sales management and sales training and the outcomes of those investments.

It is published by the Aberdeen Group, a research organization serving technology buyers–and when you think about it, who’s NOT a technology buyer?

This study, however, is about how high-performing companies and “laggard” companies train, coach, manage, and reward their sales teams.  The differences in inputs and outcomes are dramatic.

Here’s what Margie Traylor, CEO of Sitewire The Whale Hunters, had to say about this report:

“The fast facts and metrics are invaluable to a small business owner that may not have any data to establish benchmarks.  It was very insightful to me to see what the average sales volume per rep and average deal size.  Also, data about the importance of investing in ongoing sales training, tools and collaboration. “

Yes, the report confirms that high-performing sales teams are moving from a kill-or-get-killed mentality to a more company-focused collaborative method with knowledge-sharing at the forefront.  This is totally consistent with The Whale Hunters and we applaud it!

Here’s just one of many tidbits that is certain to capture your imagination:  the highest performing companies had an average deal size of $388 million–and 53& of the highest performing companies were defined as small companies (less that $50 million in annual revenue).

So, is your company thinking big enough?  Is your sales team ready to move to a much higher average sale?

The Whale Hunters provide the kind of collaborative team sales process that this report cites as being most successful for high-achieving companies.  Please visit our website to download related materials.

What is your company’s experience with moving towards more management of the sales process and the sales team?  We would love to hear your stories.