Women in Business

Influential Business Thinkers

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Wendy Bounds blogged on the WSJ’s Top 20 Influential Business Thinkers, none of whom are women. [Ayn Rand, Where Are You? May 5]

Does the problem lie with how we define “influential?” Is it more about “thinkers?” Or is it just about differences between men ad women in business?

Lots of commentators on that blog have their ideas, from profound to ridiculous, but its worth thinking about.

If women are great whale hunters–and I believe we are– we have to be more aggressive in calling attention to our accomplishments.

Men are still more rewarded and respected for 20th-century economy strengths–win/lose competition focused on eliminating enemies, top-down management of employees, American xenophobia. That economy is dead, and women will prove to be the winners in a new economy that demands joint ventures, embracing partners in the emerging economies, and inspiring employee loyalty.  Successful women business owners and entrepreneurs most often prefer to run their companies on a collaborative and cooperative model that plays well in the new economy.

What do you think? Do men not want to listen to women? Do women prefer listening to men? There’s money on the table here!