Whatever your size today, whale hunting can escalate your growth with low risk and higher revenue!

They taught us how whales think differently than our typical clients, and how we needed to position ourselves to be taken seriously when landing these large, destiny-altering clients. The training was invaluable AND very profitable!

David LongCEO, MyEmployees, 2016 Inc 5000


You haven’t cracked $1 million

Getting Started

$1 – $10 million annual revenue

You’ve Arrived

$10  $150 million annual revenue

A Status Change?

More than $150 million annual revenue

If you wish to become first-rate at serving enterprise companies, you must build a collaborative culture.

Left alone, a start-up culture devolves towards internal conflict. Feed it and you’ll build a bureaucracy. Starve it and it’ll die. to get a fast-growth culture, disrupt it on purpose. We can help!

Allocate resources fairly and get everyone to work together in defined roles. That’s the whale hunters way. Simple, not easy.

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Things you should know about Whale Hunting

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The Whale Hunters Story

What we’ve learned from the ancient Inuit people and how their wisdom can help you.

The Whale Hunters Process™

A look at the process model that underlies our work with your team.

Who are The Whale Hunters?

Meet our team.

Clients and Cases

Who we work with and how they achieve!

The Whale Hunters Wisdom Blog

The Whale Hunters Blog
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