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Who Helped Me the Most in 2016? Lisa Magnuson, That’s Who!

By January 1, 20172 Comments
Lisa Magnuson

Lisa Magnuson

My friend Keenan, —came up with a super holiday meme to get a bunch of people to write about the person who had the biggest impact on our life in 2016—and share it with #HelpedMe2016 so we can flood social media (and maybe our hearts) with some great stories. Here’s mine.

Who had the greatest impact on your year?
My colleague and friend, Lisa Magnuson, most capable head of Top Line Sales in Portland.

What did this person help you accomplishment or achieve in 2016?
Lisa was truly a part my entire strategy this year, including every goal that I accomplished big and small, as well as a couple of setbacks!

Why was this accomplishment so important to you?
Nothing’s as valuable as a friend who understands your business and accepts a role to keep you accountable regularly to your own goals and objectives.

What did Lisa do to help you accomplish that goal?
Lisa and I belong to the same Mastermind group of eight women business owners in the sales/marketing arena who act as a Board of Directors for one another. We were paired as “accountability partners” for most of 2016. She kept me accountable to meet short-term goals every two weeks and helped me set and achieve more strategic objectives.

How did this person’s support make a difference?
Lisa and I met by phone faithfully every other Monday morning to check each other’s progress and share ideas. Lisa is super organized, so she was our note-taker, promise-recorder, and appointment-keeper. Just knowing how responsible she would be kept me honest to complete my deliverables and to be ready for our meetings. I was more on top of key things than ever before. Lisa also helped me design and plan the Global Account Summit, a whole new program based on my book Whale Hunting with Global Accounts.

Why are you so thankful for their support?
Much of the time I work alone, especially the early months of last year finishing my newest book. Lisa kept me grounded, on task, and connected to “the outside.” She is patient and supportive, but also skilled at figuring out what’s going wrong and giving keen advice when I needed it. A great listener.

How is your world different today because of this person?
My world is more organized, more efficient, and more productive. And more fun!

What do you want to say to this person, that you haven’t already told them?
Thank you, Lisa, for being your super-organized, super-sharing self!

And I would like to see @Laura Posey share who had the most impact in her life in 2016!

Happy New Year everyone, and thanks Keenan for a great new tradition!


  • We *heart* Lisa Magnuson. And, I am soooooo grateful for you in 2016, Barbara!

  • Barbara, thank you for a wonderful tribute. Somehow, I’m just seeing it now.

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