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Encourage Our Kids

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Larry and I had breakfast this morning with Sharon Lechter, co-author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of best-selling books, member of the President’s Council on Financial Literacy, and her son Phillip, who have launched a new venture YouthPreneur providing financial literacy experiences to kids and families.  Their early ventures are focused on helping young people found and operate their own businesses.

Sharon reminded me that kids are at risk in an economic downturn.  Troubled families have little patience for their kids–and the routine “atta girl” accolades are forgotten.

So if we believe that the role of the entrepreneur is to protect and preserve confidence, we need to step in and step it up for the youth.  Here are some ideas:

  • Encourage your own kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, and their friends–encourage them to succeed and let them know you believe in them.
  • Hire a young person at work or at home–an intern, assistant, special project coordinator, helper–just let them know that the free market still works.
  • Visit a class and let the kids know how much opportunity is ahead for them and how much we need them.
  • Volunteer for a youth mentoring program.
  • Cultivate a positive attitude and explain to the kids you know how the economy ebbs and flows

Owners and principals of small and midsize companies are the enterprising innovators who will drive the economic recovery.  Let’s do our part to reassure the kids and keep them on track to develop and contribute their talents.

What ideas do you have to motivate the younger people to believe they have a role in recovery?