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Blogs for Business Women

By February 27, 2009No Comments

I’ve been researching the blogsphere for interesting, relevant blogs about business growth strategies, business development, and entrepreneurship.   I will report on my favorites in this and upcoming blog posts.

One subcategory of business blogs is a focus on business women, whether they are owners or executives.

Flokka is a very down-to-business site.  Substantive articles, strong business focus, most equally valuable to men–small business/management emphasis.  Membership site–link your own blog; really fine guest bloggers.

BlogHer is a mega-site for all issues of interest to women.  Business and Career is a major category on this site.  Much broader-based than Flokka; many contributers; always something of interest.

Divapreneur seems to focus on multi-level and direct marketing businesses and work from home businesses and offers lots of advice for women who are starting up a business.

All of these blogs offer useful and interesting content, each from a different perspective.  I recommend you check them out.

What business blogs do you read and recommend?  Please let us know!