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Airlines and Customer Service

By February 6, 2009December 29th, 2015No Comments
Travel Mole announced that US Air will begin charging Coach passengers $7.00 for a blanket/pillow “pack.”  No free pillows or blankets will be available!  Of course they’re already charging for water, coffee, luggage, “snack trays” etc. and long ago discontinued the little bag of 9 pretzels.  A question I’d like to ask them is whether they could at least turn up the heat if they’re not providing blankets???

I’ve been flying Southwest lately with good experiences.  Used to prefer the airlines with assigned seats, but SW is doing a good job of boarding and a great job of everything else.  No charge for luggage, no charge for beverages and snacks (take two, please!), friendly cabin service, drinks are often free and they’re liberal with the coupons.

As business owners and leaders, we face financial crunches just like the airlines do.  But I know that if I nickel-and-dime my customers they will see it as a lack of trust and commitment to serving them. Personally I would rather pay a bit more for my airline ticket and have some minimal comforts included than to pay outrageous prices for every little thing.

What are you doing for your customers in these tight times?