Agency RFPs — A Radical Proposal

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Very thought-provoking post from Aaron Goldman in Search Insider blog about problems with the way companies address Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to ad agencies and marketing firms.  Unlike many articles that just lament the faults of the RFP, this one poses some ideas that could help business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives actually work with their customers to make a few changes over time.

Agencies are one of the industry groups that are required to respond to corporate RFPs for much if not most of their work.  And the requirements for putting creative plans together can be onerous and risky.

If RFPs are part of your business development strategy, this post (and the pieces that precede and follow it) will give you food for thought.  It’s also very consistent with the philosophy in our new eBook, Winning Whales with an RFP.

Thanks to Margie Traylor of Sitewire for the link.