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A Whale Hunters Chapter Meeting

By August 9, 2010December 29th, 20152 Comments

I had the pleasure of attending a Whale Hunters chapter meeting with a chapter that is nearing completion of their first year of Whale Hunting.  The members are founders, owners, and senior executives of their organizations.  Two of the members are in not-for-profit organizations–a convention/visitors’ bureau and an agency that serves children.

In their monthly chapter meetings, they are learning The Whale Hunters nine-phase process, and between meetings they are implementing the tools and processes in their companies.  They also coach each other on deals.

I learned that after 10 months of working with the process, they have visible results within their companies.  Most have implemented the Target Filter very successfully, and it’s helping them set their sights on bigger customers and bigger deals.  They have the attention of their team and employees, and there are visible culture changes that are positive.  Several of them have closed very large deals, much bigger than average.  With the ups and downs of the economy, a couple of companies with very price-conscious customers have come up with novel new ways to sell their services–in one case a totally new service that they never offered before that is driving more business, and in another case a national strategic alliance.  Both of these members said Whale Hunting helped them strategize,  get their team on board, and have the courage to try something new.

Here are a few of the customers they have landed or are landing within their first 10 months:  Donald Trump, American Express, Charles Schwab, Verizon, Baskin Robbins.

Nice going, members!

P.S.  We have chapters forming in many metropolitan areas plus a “virtual” online chapter that goes live in September.  Visit our website, email me, or post a comment if you’d like to know more.

  • Barbara

    It was a pleasure having you at the meeting! I too am thrilled at the successes the Chapter members are racking up.

    The Whale Hunting process is so well laid out. It helps executives focus, be more strategic and leverage the talents already existing in their companies into revenue streams that didn’t initially seem possible.

    I’m happy to be partnered with such an amazing company as The Whale Hunters.

    • Barbara Weaver Smith says:

      Thanks for commenting Loretta. You are a gifted facilitator, and your leadership has a lot to do with the members’ successes.

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