Is your sales team ready to bring in  bigger deals,  better deals, and to manage more new business with your biggest customers?

 Programs for Your Sales Team

Sales Meetings and Workshops

gstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Team

The Whale Hunters’ Founder & CEO Barbara Weaver Smith has worked with a wide variety of B2B sales teams in many industries as they were honing their skills in pursuing bigger deals with bigger customers. Always the outcomes focus on producing salespeople who are :

  • more confident leaders of a complex sales process
  • more comfortable enlisting the help of your subject matter experts in marketing and other cross-functional areas
  • better prepared to have meaningful conversations with executive buyers
  • more realistic about their large-account pipeline
  • closing bigger deals, more often

Barbara addresses one or more of these outcomes in every presentation, depending upon the occasion and the timeframe. For more information about the range of current topics and formats,

Account Team Coaching for Dedicated Accounts 

gstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Team
gstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Team

This phone/Skype/email program is designed for a company of any size that already has one or more dedicated accounts that are national or multinational, regardless of the current scope of your business with those accounts.

Barbara Weaver Smith takes your Sales VP/Sales Manager and a single account team through a powerful account-planning process, based on components of each of her award-winning Whale Hunting books.  A typical engagement starts at 4 months of coaching. A sales leader may engage more than one account team at a time, but the coaching sessions are separated by team.

Deal Coaching

gstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Team

An experienced Whale Hunter will coach your sales team through a single big deal, from advanced preparation through all of the formal and informal requirements of a 6-figure or 7-figure deal (or more). We have experience with B2B sales in all industries, with an emphasis on services including information technology (enterprise systems, business process outsourcing, hardware/software solutions), logististics, call centers, agencies (marketing, PR, digital), engineering, printing, and professional services.  We’ve worked with manufacturers, too–companies that make landing gear, signs, bowling alley equipment, automotive parts, valves, and even a company that specializes in trenchless tunneling!

gstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Teamgstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Teamgstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Teamgstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Teamgstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Teamgstoryteam-300x99 For the Sales Team