No business development system to select and locate ideal enterprise accounts

Gaps in enterprise account sales leadership, training, and coaching

No system to retain enterprise accounts

Lack of operations support to meet demands of enterprise customers

For B2B Companies with $100 to $300 million in annual revenue

The Enterprise Accounts Machine

Your growth is astonishing--perhaps staggering! Maybe it's crushing you and your team. You're newly public, or you're preparing for a move in that direction. Or not. But growth is what it's all about. Especially growth among enterprise accounts. Do you face any of these issues?

The Whale Hunters have teamed with Lisa Magnuson, President of Top Line Sales in Portland, Oregon, to bring you a complete enterprise account system. You can select the program elements that most fit your needs.

The Enterprise Accounts Machine Components

These are specific program components that are delivered to your team over the course of, typically, 12 to 18 months time. You decide which components you need to focus on.


The Enterprise Accounts Machine Operation

This diagram illustrates how the engine operates: what happens at each stage, who is involved, what is delivered to your team.

These are the outcomes you can expect from the Enterprise Accounts Machine: