TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals


The Whale Hunters Process™ is a proven process to transform large-account sales and a model for collaborative business development that helps companies grow exponentially.  Your engagement with The Whale Hunters team moves you forward in translating the model into a specific process map for your company.

We have developed a specific methodology to deliver The Whale Hunters Process™ to your team and prepare you for the early stages of implementation.  The components of this method are defined below.  It focuses on Scouting and Hunting; when you have concluded this engagement, you will have a scouting and hunting process ready to implement.

TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals


The Whale Hunters Business Development Index is an online survey of your team’s perspective on your current status of business development.  It can be completed by everyone in your company.  Results will be delivered to senior management in a format suitable for circulation.   This index can be repeated at 6-month intervals, giving you an independent measure of your business development progress.  It does not measure your bottom line ROI (we will do that in other ways) but it measures your employees’ understanding of your business processes, goals, and growth culture.

TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals


The program begins with a two-day workshop at your place of business or a suitable offsite location. It requires the participation of your cross-functional leadership team, who represent all departments and functional areas of your company.  We consult with you ahead of time about how to select participants.  These workshops introduce the entire process but focus on building the collaborative tools of Scouting and Hunting.

This workshop includes the following components:

TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals


  • The Whale Hunters Story™ –The Inuit Whale Hunters, basis of the metaphor
  • Company Culture– Comparison of Inuit culture to your company’s culture
  • The Whale Hunters Process™–  Phases, roles, and responsibilities
  • The Business Development Index– Baseline to measure results
TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals


  • The Brand Promise Audit– Compare your brand promise to competitors
  • Target Filter– Criteria and metrics to define ideal customers
  • The Buyers’ Table– Locate and understanding buyers/influencers
  • Whale Fears– Determine what big-deal buyers fear about you
  • Fear Busters– Identify tangible materials to alleviate fears
TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals


  • Progressive Discovery/Disclosure– Design all steps in your sales process map
  • Power Your Boat– How to  teach and involve subject matter experts
  • Manage the Hunt– Put it all together to pursue and win a Big Deal
TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals


Following the workshop, we will provide a 30-day follow-up period during which we will coach your designated team leader(s) to test, refine, and complete all of the tools developed for your company and review with you how to manage the process. This work will be completed through phone, email Skype, and/or GoToWebinar as most appropriate. Each tool will be completed to your satisfaction for integration with your CRM, SOP, or other management tools.

TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals


Once your tools are complete and in place, we recommend a six-month period of virtual coaching with your leadership team and sales team to ensure that you get the greatest possible value from the initial workshop training and tools. Only when you put new tools into practice will the Whale Hunting model become a way of life for your company. Implementation Coaching is an optional purchase and is prices separately, after your team has had a chance to experience the value of the initial program.


  • We can deliver this program in a virtual format, either in live presentations to your team via Skype, Zoom, or GoToWebinar, or in an online course format with scheduled conference call discussions
  • We offer complete “Done For You” Scouting Services, if you wish to outsource some or all of all of your whale hunting research
TWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting FundamentalsTWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting FundamentalsTWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting FundamentalsTWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting FundamentalsTWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting FundamentalsTWH.Process.Illustration Whale Hunting Fundamentals