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Sales Management

Ten Ways to Lose . . . Even When You’re the Best

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I have several clients whose products and services are demonstrably better than those of their competitors, based on independently verifiable measures.

Nevertheless, these clients do not always win their deals—in fact, when we first meet them, they are typically losing out on many deals where they offered a superior solution.

Why is that? How can that happen? If you base your sales strategy on “we’re the best,” you’re bound to lose.

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Get Out and Stay Out of The Commodity Trap

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A lot of The Whale Hunters client companies believe they are playing in a totally price-driven market. They do not see any opportunities to compete other than on price. When they lose a deal, they assume they lost it on price.

The problems with that zero-sum game are that there are always limits to how low the market can drive prices (before vendors abandon the market) and that every vendor is vulnerable to price-cutting by any competitor at any time.

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Re-Post: Can You Deliver What You Sell?

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For a long time, I’ve been exhorting clients to be certain that the sales team is selling what the operations or implementation team plans to deliver. In the past couple of weeks, The Whale Hunters team has been on the receiving end of that potential mismatch, which compels me to write about it again. Here’s some context that may resonate with you as a seller (and possibly even as a buyer)!

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The Top 5 Most Loved Blog Posts in June

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Today I want to do something different. We’ve had such overwhelming feedback and responses to our June blog posts, I wanted to recap the favorites for you. We really do appreciate the growing number of comments and Twitter action. These five posts got people talking and sharing their experiences/perspectives with us! All good stuff! So, here they are! The Top 5 June blog posts (in case you missed them). Enjoy!

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Are You Building Trust or Just Fixing Blunders?

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We came home from the grocery with a little mesh package of new red potatoes. Also a package of baby portabella mushrooms. Planned to use them on the same day; did not demand that they stay fresh for even three days (although that wouldn’t be too much to expect, would it?)

As I started assembling the roast pork tenderloin dinner, I discovered that the potatoes were rotten. Not just mildly old—completely unusable. All of them. So good husband returned to the supermarket to get replacements. A few minutes after he left, I opened the portabellas. Whew! Old. Unacceptable. So from a very expensive, high-end so-called “luxury” grocery store, I had two high-priced items on the same day that were unfit to eat. From a provider whose minimum requirement should be “food that is fit to eat on the day you buy it.”

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Can Technology Substitute for Real Customer Knowledge?

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I received a very disconcerting email this morning from amazon.com. It was the typical occasional email that amazon.com customers receive, recommending books that I might enjoy.

Amazon, of course, is known for its ability to understand its customers’ taste and to make recommendations on that basis. The entire system is technology-based, not human-based. That is to say, amazon.com doesn’t really know me at all; it creates the illusion of knowing me by crunching data about my browsing and buying habits on its site.

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