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Sales Development

Ten Ways to Lose . . . Even When You’re the Best

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I have several clients whose products and services are demonstrably better than those of their competitors, based on independently verifiable measures.

Nevertheless, these clients do not always win their deals—in fact, when we first meet them, they are typically losing out on many deals where they offered a superior solution.

Why is that? How can that happen? If you base your sales strategy on “we’re the best,” you’re bound to lose.

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Ask Your Customers The Ultimate Question

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Whale Hunting is a great strategy to grow your company fast. But even fast-growing companies make on average 80% of their revenue from existing clients. So it’s much more important to keep existing whales than to hunt for new ones. How do you find out if there is a high probability that existing whales will work with you next year, too?

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The Top 5 Most Loved Blog Posts in June

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Today I want to do something different. We’ve had such overwhelming feedback and responses to our June blog posts, I wanted to recap the favorites for you. We really do appreciate the growing number of comments and Twitter action. These five posts got people talking and sharing their experiences/perspectives with us! All good stuff! So, here they are! The Top 5 June blog posts (in case you missed them). Enjoy!

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Revive the Spirit in Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Let’s talk about being hungry. You want this. You want to be successful. Grow your company. Close that deal. Are you motivated? Yes. Inspired? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, some days are better than others. Many entrepreneurs work so hard for so long, soon the “spirit” part of their entrepreneurial spirit is gone. In order to keep it real, sometimes you need a break. A breather. Renew the sense of purpose with which you started this endeavor. Even taking the smallest moment to get re-energized will help you bring more to the table in your conversations, partnerships and strategy.

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Sales Should Not Be a Dirty Word

By | Business Development Strategy, Business Development Tactics, Link Recommendations, Sales Development, Sales Tips | 2 Comments

Not all sales people are scum of the earth. They do the work for businesses to thrive, create jobs, build connections and grow. So, if you’re in sales (or whatever you do), don’t be evil. And if you’re not in sales, please don’t be too quick to judge. There are a lot of sales professionals out there doing great work!

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