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Are You Responding to RFPs? We hear you.

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Today we want to highlight a podcast called “The RFP Whale Hunt.” Take a few minutes out of your day to listen to this podcast. Dr. Barbara Weaver Smith explains 10 ways to win an RFP. As we often say, sometimes the winning strategy may be to walk away. These do’s and don’ts will help you with winning tactics for getting that competitive edge.

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The “grey matter” of your team is what matters.

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Earlier this week, in the blog post by @jolewitz he talks about how critical people are to a business’ success. In the comments he and @RaynaNyc talked about how your team is one of the biggest unique selling propositions (USP). It’s so true, and it got me thinking.

The “grey matter” of your team is what matters.

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USP and Transcending the Competitive Landscape: 3 Fundamental Steps on How to Grow Your Business

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Many managers (whether in small, mid-sized or large businesses) who survived the very difficult last few years are working hard to come back strong. You may currently be: restructuring, hiring new talent, revitalizing your marketing plan, becoming more creative with staff resources and how best to maximize them, all while making the best of technology from the Internet to mobile to social media and various data analytics tools.

My advice if you would like to transcend the competitive landscape is to think about Intentional Growth™ and create a plan to establish, highlight, and promote how you are unique as you grow into the future. The critical word here is “grow” and the focus of this post is how your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) will support and fuel that growth.

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One of The Best Business Superpowers – Courage

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Courage is such a strong word to use in the business environment but it can be fitting. I recently decided it was time for me to start my own company after working for two wonderful people for 9 years. I know I am not running into burning buildings or facing enemy fire but I do know it took a lot for me to make this leap.

If I am being honest I think deep down I knew I should have left about 3 years ago. But I could always come up with a reason to stay, a reason to let my fear of the unknown, of failing, overcome my desire to take the leap. In the end, while not heroic, it did take courage for me to do what I knew was right.

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