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Case Studies


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Use whatever metaphors or analogies you like, The Whale Hunters Process teaches discipline. It’s easy to say and not so easy to do. How often have you been distracted with a shiny-object-sales-opportunity? Teams or individuals in sales need discipline to be successful. The courage to say “no,” be strategic, and commit to excellence through practice. That dis-uh-plin is what divides hope from the real deal.

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Get Over It: Overcoming Hurdles to Implement Culture Change

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Implementing needed, comprehensive change is hard. It’s really hard when it changes they way your company brings in revenue. As I’m finding with many small businesses, however, sometimes the implementation isn’t as difficult as just getting started. Sometimes just having an idea really heard is just as hard and doing the work. Even worse is when no one admits there’s a problem! In order for The Whale Hunters Process™ to really work, both leadership and employees need to be bought into the program. In order for everyone to be on the same page, it can take some convincing.

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