Account Team Coaching


  • develop a totally customer-focused account planning process
  • greatly increase new business with existing dedicated accounts
  • significantly increase customer satisfaction among dedicated accounts
  • manage risk and control costs of doing business with dedicated accounts
  • implement a robust large account management tool system

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Schedule a key-account team coaching program with our founder, Barbara Weaver Smith. Programs align with the specific strategies and tactics that you most want to learn, based on an up-front assessment conducted with the sales manager and team members, and include topics like these:


  • develop a replicable account strategy
  • apply the account plan to a particular account
  • involve pre-sales, sales engineers, sales enablement, account-based marketing personnel, estimators, project management, and/or other cross-functional subject matter experts (if they are available to you)
  • develop a replicable hand-off from sales to project management and account management
  • develop methods to explore new sales opportunities within the account
  • identify ways to move beyond “fire-fighting”
  • explore and possibly develop the role of your company’s leaders in building executive relationships in dedicated accounts

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Account Planning is Customized

  • 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, or 12 month modules are available
  • You can move from Account Planning into Deal Coaching
  • You can purchase a single package and rotate several teams through it
  • You can focus on accounts of any size or scale
  • You can have multiple tracks, such as an account plan track for federal government accounts, another for nonprofits, or another for global corporations
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Proposals and Presentations

  • We can build in special units for proposal writing, depending on who is responsible for writing proposals in your organization
  • Creating and rehearsing presentations may also be included
  • These should also be dealt with in an actual deal coaching scenario
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Account Management Tools

We believe that you need robust technology tools to manage the sales process for multiple, simultaneous deals and future deals with a dedicated account. That means at least a very functional CRM and a commitment to using it properly. We are also equipped to help you explore an intelligent account management tool that works with your CRM, if you are not already using such a tool. It is not required, but in our view makes your team’s work much easier and improves your results.


We can hold weekly or bi-weekly team calls plus unlimited emails, review of all your plans and decisions, extra calls with the team leader and/or sales manager. Coaching also includes pre-planning, meeting agendas, and a list of action steps following each call. Only the people essential to each topic area need to be involved in each call.

ThinkstockPhotos-179694079-300x240 Account Team CoachingThinkstockPhotos-179694079-300x240 Account Team CoachingThinkstockPhotos-179694079-300x240 Account Team CoachingThinkstockPhotos-179694079-300x240 Account Team CoachingThinkstockPhotos-179694079-300x240 Account Team CoachingThinkstockPhotos-179694079-300x240 Account Team Coaching