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Start here if you are a solopreneur. A consultant, coach, business trainer or other independent professional who is outgrowing your small customers and hungry to bring your fresh ideas into a larger arena.

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Small Business Entrepreneur with several employees.

You haven’t cracked the magic $1 million ceiling yet, but you know you will! It’s you and a few employees in a B2B environment, determined to increase your deal size and get more professional.

Here’s what we recommend for you. Check out our original book Whale Hunting: How to Land Big Sales and Transform Your Company and especially the four team workbooks. Join our Free Facebook Community, Bigger Customers, Bigger Deals. And check out our online course for solopreneurs and small company teams, Land Your First 6-Figure Client.

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Founder/Owner of Company with $1-5M Annual Revenue

Your company now brings in $1 to $5 million in annual revenues. You are beginning to bring on professional help for many functions, and it’s hard to know what to hand off. You’re still in charge of business development and maybe responsible for most of sales, too. But that can’t last! You need processes everywhere.

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Leadership Team of Growing Company $5M to $10M Revenue

As the founder of a company with annual revenues between $5 and $10 million, you are in rare company! Very few make it this far, and many days you wonder how you’ve done it! At this stage you need major changes in your target clients and markets if your growth is going to continue. You have one or more multinational companies in your portfolio now although you only work with them locally or regionally.

You are ready to learn and implement Whale Hunting Fundamentals.  We offer this company wide, cross-functional program in several formats to accommodate your company size, your budget, and how aggressive your growth timeline is! It’s time to start thinking about attending a virtual or live Global Accounts Summit as well.

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Entrepreneurs Considering Market Expansion $10M - $50M Revenue

With revenues of $10 to $50M per year, you are on a fast growth track where everything changes all the time. Perhaps you’re making acquisitions. You may hit revenue plateaus. You are expanding fast, and you need systems to manage your growth. Aligning your internal business units and onboarding large new customers demand your attention.

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A "Big" Small Company $50M - $150M Revenue

A company with revenues exceeding $50M can’t operate like a “small” company. Long-term strategy becomes more important, including exit strategy, and you face decisions about acquisitions or being acquired. How well you grow your business with your existing large accounts will be key to your success. Are you going global with your global accounts?

Now is the time to introduce The Whale Hunting System –a company wide, cross-functional program, which we offer in two versions. Implementation Coaching will ensure that you actually make it happen inside your company after the initial training. We provide Deal Coaching for your sales and marketing professionals when they are going after their biggest, most complex opportunities. Global Account Summits, both virtual and onsite, will keep you on top with your multinational customers.